2016 Travel Recap: Instagram Edition

I had a quick chat with a friend last week where she told me how much she and her husband unexpectedly enjoyed their recent holiday in Japan. It was their first time to go out to a foreign country on their own since they got married and soon had lovely kids. In her words, “it’s addicting”.

True enough, my husband and I have been hopping around the world since we got married. I already love traveling even before I met him but finding a partner who loves it the same way I do gives it a whole new meaning. It’s like leaving my comfort zone to discover new destinations and at the same time having the comfort of home with me. After all, home is not always a place. Sometimes, it’s a person too. ♥

19 countries and countless cities after, I feel blessed to have discovered the world with my husband in a tangible way. Our trips have allowed us to learn more about each other and taught us how to figure out our own rhythm as a couple. Knowing that we get to share so many wonderful experiences and create solid memories together make all the hard work WORTH IT. And I believe that along with the guidance of our Lord, these happy remembrances are something we’ll look back to when life gets hard.

2017 might turn out to be different with a lot of major life changes in place but I know that our story is one always meant for adventures no matter what season in life we’re at. Actually, as I think about it, the adventure never really ends – it just appears in different ways and forms, right? Whether you’re Single, Engaged, Married, Married with no kids, Married with kids, Married with married kids, or in It’s Complicated, each stage has its own challenges, thrill, excitement, and joy. It goes to prove how God intended for us to live exciting, meaningful lives.

I just want to celebrate all the adventures that Ge and I have been on this year — 11 countries, 40 cities, 17 flights and hundred thousands of calories later. :))

It was quite a stretch – working full time, working on side projects, working on dreams, saving religiously, planning carefully, taking risks, making sabbatical happen, losing our passports and a lot of pruning for personal growth – but there’s no doubt that the Lord has been our greatest helper. Always faithful, always true, forever grateful for You. Thank you, Lord, for loving and pursuing me every single day.

Here’s a recap of this year’s travels in photos.





Even when it makes no sense to sing Louder then I'll sing Your praise ???????????? #switzerland #swissalps #heavenisreal #dametraveler

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Where did 2016 take you? What are you up for 2017?