A Love Letter to Singapore (Celebrating SG50 on Instagram)

Dear Singapore,

I remember the first time we met in 2011. I was a naive, young girl from a less popular town. And you? You were stunning. Your roads are paved; your streets are clean; your parks were green and you keep me safe even in the darkest of the nights.

You charmed me with your diversity. You inspired me with your success. You emerged and made yourself stand out with dignity and pride. Oh, and I adored you even more as you glittered at night.

Then, in 2012, you invited me in. How could I even resist? You are a dream come true, a chance for a better life. I left my life in Manila and ran to you.

Day by day, my knowledge of you grew deeper. I experienced the hardwork you put into making you who you are. You are not easy; you don’t allow anyone take away your glory. Your people are hurried and rude and indifferent; and yet smart and wonderful. I loathed you, and then loved you again.

In the three years that you have adopted me, I am grateful. I have learned to grow, to become independent, to learn to love life, appreciate all the great and look at the positives in the bad. You have allowed me to become even more resilient to change and adapt to differences in character. Most of all, you have given me the opportunity to dream bigger, travel more and take even greater risks.

Congratulations on all your success. It still amazes me how you have accomplished all and more in just a span of 50 years. You converted yourself from a small fishing town to the highly urbanized city that you are today. I may have a love and hate relationship with you, but I still wish you all the best.

Majulah Singapura!



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