Waking Up to Magical Cappadocia Dream

While sailing over Cappadocia through a hot air balloon is the best way to see the entire region, sharing the same sunrise experience from the ground is just as magical. The balloon-filled morning skies against the golden rock formations make for a dreamy landscape. The place is so picturesque and out of this world; words are not enough to describe its wonder.

cappadocia turkey sunrise

Every day at sunrise, hundreds of balloons rise over the town of Göreme. Hence, choosing a hotel that offers an amazing view of this scene was my goal. Since I’m not a morning person, I prefer simply getting up to my feet and see the view than driving somewhere far at 5 AM.

I researched several cave hotels in Cappadocia before deciding on Sultan Cave Suites. This hotel has a whopping 5* reviews on TripAdvisor, and somehow, it always comes up in recommended accommodations.

After staying here, we’re immensely convinced. The room was huge and clean, the staffs are always helpful and amicable (my favorite), and nothing beats the lovely view from the hotel’s balcony.

cappadocia turkey sunrise

The following day after our epic hot air balloon ride, we woke up early again to witness the infamous sunrise view from the hotel’s balcony. To my surprise, it was so popular the terrace got pretty crowded even before daylight. Guests are all stylishly dolled up and ready to capture the perfect Instagram shot.

The wooden floors are adorned with bright colored carpets and throw pillows. And there’s a vibrant breakfast of fruits and tea arranged on an elevated platform. We found out later on that the food is not for eating. It’s real, but it’s only meant for photo taking. This setup is done every morning for guests to enjoy.

cappadocia turkey sunrise
The colorful breakfast setup

It almost feels like a tourist trap, but I’d have to admit that the idea is a genius! The entire thing turns out great in photos. And I’m sure it’s also a marketing strategy to draw people in. Who doesn’t want an elaborate, otherworldly photo like these?

cappadocia turkey sunrise
Izmir, the famous dog of Cappadocia that has her own Instagram account!

cappadocia turkey sunrise

cappadocia turkey sunrise
The hotel is perched up on a hill with lovely views of the valleys.
cappadocia turkey sunrise
Some balloons fly close to the rooftop terraces.

cappadocia turkey sunrise

cappadocia turkey sunrise

cappadocia turkey sunrise

cappadocia turkey sunrise

cappadocia turkey sunrise

It was such an unforgettable memory I am grateful to have shared with my man. :)

Would you stay in a cave hotel?

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cappadocia turkey sunrise
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  • Liz

    This is beautiful. Cappadocia has been on my list for ages, this really makes me wanna go even more!

    • Hope you get to go Liz! :)

  • Outdoors Wonders

    Oh my oh my! This spot is getting higher and higher on my bucket list! I’d prefer being inside the hot air balloon though :-) it would be torture to look at them raising higher in the sky!

    • I know! The morning before this, we rode a hot air balloon and it was beyond imagination. I still felt a little jealous watching people enjoying the ride. :))

  • Maydi

    Wow, this looks like a fairytale! It reminds me of Bagan, although I didn’t get to go in the balloons. Thanks for sharing!

    • Reminds me of Bagan, too. Weather wasn’t good when we visited so our hot air balloon in Bagan was canceled. Let’s try next time! :)

  • Jillian

    Oh wow! They do this every morning?! That’s incredible. Your photos are outstanding! I would totally stay in a cave hotel! Love the Turkish breakfast feast!

    • Yes they do. A great strategy for marketing since guests are taking lots of photos of it. Definitely stay in a cave hotel, feels weird at first but great experience.

  • All your pictures are UNREAL! I think I’d pinch myself when I get to Cappadocia…it’s just so beautiful!

    • Haha! I did that too. Definitely feels unreal. :)

  • Sujenne Macaay

    I think thks is the first hotel with a active role in instagram branding like this. Love it. This place is so magical too that I think you cant afford to lose taking a picture like this

    • The hotel is very smart about it. They even repost their guests’ photos in their own page. :)

  • Jean

    It looks so beautiful here. Though in all honesty your colourful breakfast made me so hungry! Looks absolutely delish

    • Haha! I wish I could it that breakfast but it’s only meant for photo ops. :))

  • Lucy Williams

    Cappadocia look s beautiful and I see it on Instagram everyday! I would love to go, especially just for the hot air balloon ride! I would like to stay at the same hotel you did, as it looks fabulous. Your photos do look fantastic!

    • Thanks Lucy! The hotel is so popular, be sure to book early when you plan your visit. :)

  • Jennifer Jane

    I also dream about going to Cappadocia! love the photos. The place looks so magical!

  • These pictures are simply magical! Cappadocia has always been on my bucket list but your breakfast pic with hot balloons in the background sealed it for me. I’m going there next year! Lol

    • For a moment, I got tempted to really eat that breakfast setup. Only if there’s not a lot of people watching around me. :))

  • Jasmine Chen

    What a magical experience! I was just speaking with my friend about how we should visit Cappadocia next year so I’m super glad to have run into your post!!! Will defs be looking up Sultan Cave Suites. Thanks for the lovely suggestion!

    • You are welcome! You’ll have an amazing time in Cappadocia! :)

  • Cappadocia sound like something to try out! Certainly is lovely and looks super comfy.