20 Photos To Inspire You To Visit Lisbon

If I haven’t already made it known, I’d say it again, Lisbon is an absolute must when visiting Europe. It has the romantic appeal of Paris, historic charm of Rome and lively aura of Barcelona. The stunning contrast of old and new is something so well unified in Lisbon’s culture, you will surely be in awe the whole time.

Portugal always gets overlooked over its neighbor Spain. Even for our case, Lisbon was only included in our itinerary out of convenience. With the country sitting on the far western side of the European continent, I didn’t think we’d purposely travel that far just to get there. So when we planned for Morocco and Spain, we decided that we might as well “get over” Lisbon and tick the country off the map for good. I know right, I sound like a mean girl saying that.

lisbon portugal

Although Portugal doesn’t have the prestige and glamour of other renowned countries, there is no scarcity of awesome things to see and do. With beautiful sceneries, cute pastel-colored houses, breathtaking views, interesting stories, amazing food, friendly locals, ingenious transport system and warm sense of belonging – the city shines just as bright as its counterparts, if not brighter. And it’s worth mentioning that you can enjoy all of these with less than what you’ll spend in more popular cities.

Come and let’s take a walk around Lisbon, shall we?

lisbon portugal

lisbon portugal

lisbon portugal

lisbon portugal

lisbon portugal
Froyo, anyone?
lisbon portugal
Awe-inspiring Jeronimos Monastery
lisbon portugal
Complex architecture manually made hundred years ago
lisbon portugal
I can’t get enough!
lisbon portugal
Rossio Square
lisbon portugal
Did you know that the famous egg tarts in Macau were originally brought by Portuguese explorers? :)
lisbon portugal
Here you’ll find restaurant quality food without leaving a dent in your pocket
lisbon portugal
Cool tram rides around the city

lisbon portugal

lisbon portugal
Praça do Comércio
lisbon portugal
Port Do Soul at Miradouro Portas Do Sol
lisbon portugal
Sintra and Cascais (no, that’s not our names)

lisbon portugal

lisbon portugal
Stunning views of Lisbon everywhere

You could easily spend at least 3 days in Lisbon to enjoy its culture and vibe. Here’s a quick guide.
Also, travel to nearby Sintra and Cascais to get more out of your trip. We highly recommend Lisbon Riders for an authentic local experience.

And oh sorry, I cheated a bit, that’s more than twenty photographs. And I’m holding myself back not to add more. :)

What do you think of Portugal? Would you want to visit in the future?

  • Lisbon looks amazing. I have to admit that it’s not really on my to-visit list, but hopefully I can add it when I do my Eurotrip.

    xx, Richel Goes Places

    • Me too, I could have visited sooner. If you plan to visit Spain, then add Lisbon on your list. But if not, then it’s too out of way. Hahaha!

      Are you having your Eurotrip this year? :)

  • Michelle de Klerk

    Wow the arches of the Jeronimos Monastery looks incredible – I would LOVE to see that for myself. Noted thanks!

  • Surprisingly hindi pa pala ako nag-comment dito. I’m glad I joined the FTB thread today hahaha. As usual, all your photos are super nice and beautifully captured. :-)

    Joy | fatmoments.com

  • Glimpses of The World

    Love Lisbon, one of the most charming cities I’ve been to! :) And your pics are great, just capturing that bustling feel to it. Thanks for sharing!

  • Young And Undecided

    My heart yearns for Lisbon. I have seriously been dreaming about it. I have almost convinced myself to book a week there in February for my birthday! Your pictures are absolutely stunning!

  • Marguerite Bravay

    Omg! Your photos are stunning and I love your blog’s aesthetic! Portugal and Lisbon have been on my list for so long – this might be the kick I need to book a weekend or longer there. I’ll be bookmarking your blog for inspiration!!

    • Long weekend is nice. It’s not long enough to get to do everything but good enough to experience a glimpse of the city. Surely, you will love to return even before you leave Lisbon. <3

      Thank you for the sweet words, Marguerite! :)

  • Karen

    The Jeronimos Monastery is beautiful! Love your photos. I raced out of Lisbon and didn’t take the time to look around – wishing I had now.

  • Neha Verma

    Looking at your snaps. I am definitely tempted to visit Lisbon. When I plan my Lisbon trip, I will remember to keep at least 3 days apart for it

  • Khansa Bint AJ

    I do want to visit Portugal especially Madeira. These pics you have shared of Lisbon are wonderful as well

  • Two Blue Passports

    Love these pictures! Had the best time in Lisbon last summer. The pasteis were incredible! xx Morgan http://www.twobluepassports.com

    • Lisbon’s a perfect summer trip! Did you go to the beach side?

      One of the best times we had in Lisbon is eating pasteis de nata. We always buy every day. :)

  • Marijana | Lady of Awesome

    You’re an incredible photographer! I am hoping to see Lisbon this March and your post is making me book my trip, like, now :)

    • Thank you Marijana! Do you leave in Europe? It’s so easy to hop on a train and get there. I hope you could go. :)

  • These photographs are beautiful! Lisbon is such a remarkable city! I see why you could not stick to just 20 photos

  • Stephanie Fox

    I just read your beyond Lisbon post – I find that so many European cities have a lot to offer when you venture beyond the centre. I love all your photos on that post and this one, it looks such a quaint little city with all the colours. Its on my list and I think everyone elses this year ha!

    • I agree with that, there are a lot of European gems that’s also worth the spotlight! Like Lisbon! Haha! Gotta clear the list fast before they start piling up! :)