Almost two seasons after, here’s our Paris travel video!!

Re-watching this makes me miss the City of Lights. I used to think that Paris is overrated; I was not really a fan. Then, this opportunity to meet HER (yes, I imagine Paris as a woman) in person came. She was everything people know about her: elegant, romantic, beautiful, charming and more… quite a number of reasons why a lot of great artists in history was associated with her.

I’ve had this video done for a while but decided not to share it right away because I want to show it together with the photos. Guess what? Our Paris photos are still untouched! I couldn’t find time (yet) to sort and process them so I’ll share the video for now.

Here’s my little #HappyProject! You can watch it in HD. Hope this moves you to visit Paris too! :)

Music Credits: The Walkie Talkies, Church Simplified

Just a little backstory:

While we were on our Europe trip, I received a personal message from a friend of friend thanking me for always sharing photos of our travels on Facebook. She said that it inspires her and makes her feel that she’s also been where we are. And that she’s looking forward to the travel videos I make when we return.

My heart felt flattered. I know it’s just a simple message but it feels good to know that someone was encouraged on something I truly care about. The third-world passport holders like us don’t get to travel to a lot of places because of the cost and visa requirements. But I believe that God has placed dreams and desires in our heart and He wants us to pursue them. He wants us to be happy and dream great things because He is a great God who can make great things happen.

As you probably already know, traveling is important to me. It is a DREAM, and I am grateful that God gave me a husband whose dream is to make my dreams come true. Together, we are slowly working on creating memories around the world.

When we’re not traveling, Ge and I work hard, lives a frugal life, and find ways to make our excel budget always on a positive end. I write and document all these memories to make sense of life, to share to people who can’t, to send an invitation to everyone, that they too can do the same.

So to this acquaintance and friend, thank you for YOU. Even little reminders such as this – that you’re making a difference in at least one person’s life just by staying true to the desires that make your heart dance; that maybe you’re doing something right – it makes the hard days’ worth it.

And to you dreamers, as Oprah puts it, “do what you have to do until you do what you want to do”. Keep putting one foot in front of the other until you get there. Work smart, take risks, push and trust yourself. You’ll get through the hard days and that dream of yours will come true.

We will get through.