7 Places for Stunning Views of Lisbon, Portugal

Being built on seven hills, Lisbon offers so many awesome views of the city from different perspectives. Every quarter has its own impressive scenery that will simply take your breath away.

I actually didn’t know about the hilly Lisbon until I was there. While it was quite a challenge to wander around winding hills, I love reveling in gorgeous views no matter how much my feet hurt in the process. There’s something magical about being able to see the world before your eyes.

Here are some great miradouros (which means ‘viewpoints’ in Portuguese) to feast your eyes on.

portugal lisbon viewpoint

#1 Torre de Belem

This fortress served as the defense of the city for years. It’s a historic landmark that showcases the wonderful view of the Targus River.

Admission Fee: €6.00; Included with the Lisboa Card

portugal lisbon viewpoint
Seaview from Torre de Belem

portugal lisbon viewpoint

#2 Arco da Rua Augusta

This is one of my favorite viewpoints in Lisbon as the terrace on the top offers 360-degree view of the city. From here you’ll see the Santa Justa Lift, Sao Jorge Castle, Comercio Square and the suspension bridge 25 Abril. It can be accessed through an elevator.

Admission Fee: €2.50; Included with the Lisboa Card

portugal lisbon viewpoint
View of Commercio Square from Arco da Rua Augusta
portugal lisbon viewpoint
Along Arco da Rua Augusta
portugal lisbon viewpoint

#3 Miradouro de Sao Pedro de Alcantara

We accidentally saw this one while we were admiring the Elevador da Gloria funicular. It’s a beautiful viewpoint built around a garden or a park. You can see Sao Jorge Castle right on the opposite side, along with the terracotta roof tiles spread across the skyline.

Admission Fee: Free

portugal lisbon viewpoint

#4 Elevador de Santa Justa

This lift is said to be the only remaining vertical lift in the city and has been a popular landmark and attraction since 1900. It was built by Gustave Eiffel’s apprentice which explains its similarities with the Eiffel Tower.

After the ride in the elevator, the topmost can be reached through a spiral staircase. As there’s a limit to the number of people that can be on top, waiting in line can take a while and the stay is controlled. The terrace also offers a 360-degree view of the city.

Admission Fee: €2.80; Included with the Lisboa Card

portugal lisbon viewpoint
The view from Santa Justa Elevator at night

portugal lisbon viewpoint

#5 Miradouro de Santa Luzia

Located within the Alfama district, you’ll find a lovely view of the harbor from here. There are cozy cafes right at the place to order food or drinks so it’s a great spot for people watching while relaxing. Tram 28 stops nearby.

Admission Fee: Free

portugal lisbon viewpoint

#6 Miradouro da Graca

This is a great place to spend the afternoon or the evening overlooking the city. It’s nice to be here just before sunset and wait until the lights illuminate the dark night. There are cafes and shops nearby for a lovely dinner after.

Admission Fee: Free

portugal lisbon viewpoint

#7 Miradouro das Portas do Sol

Sunrise or sunset, you can enjoy both ends of the day from this lookout. The views are stunning from end to end and it’s my favorite in this list. Port Do Soul band was performing the day we were there. They were absolutely a crowd favorite and it’s not hard to see why.

Great view and great music, what a lovely way to end the day.

Admission Fee: Free

Thankfully in Lisbon, the trams conveniently go up and down the sloped hills so it’s easy to get around. Check out the Lisboa Card which offers unlimited free travel within the city.

What’s your favorite viewing spot?

Huge thanks to Turismo de Lisboa for providing us a Lisboa Card. It was a perfect way to skip the queues and visit Lisbon’s best museums and attractions. As always, all opinions are my own. Furthermore, only hotels, tours, and experiences that I absolutely love and recommend are shared in this space.❤
  • Bridget

    These look awesome, also didn’t realise that Lisbon is so hilly

    • Me too! It’s quite odd because it didn’t seem so when I was researching for Lisbon places. It’s a welcome surprise. :)

  • Liz

    Such a great article, Lisbon has been on my list for a while and I will try all your recommendations!

    • Thanks Liz! Look out for the miradouros when you get to go! :)

  • This is perfect! We are headed to Portugal this summer and I’m all about finding great viewpoints in a city. Saving this for our trip!

    • Summer is the best time to go, Florence! Enjoy your trip and prepare for the hilly hikes. :)

  • Very nice post. I have Lisbon on my bucket list and hopefully I will visiti Portugal this summer. Thanks for the guide, such a nice places to explore.

    • Summer is the best season to visit Portugal I heard because of the lovely beaches. Hope you get to visit soon.

  • Ian Sta Maria

    Hi Melai! Fellow Filipina here! Great post and very great information as to these viewpoints in Lisbon! Will definitely use this as reference when I travel to Lisbon in the future! :)

    • Hi Ian! I’m happy hear that this has been helpful to you. Keep travelin’ fellow Pinay wanderer. <3

  • Kim | thosewhowandr.com

    Every single picture of yours was truly stunning. Those views look incredible, adding Lisbon and these attractions to my bucketlist!

    • Yay! Thank you Kim! :)

  • Samantha Hannah

    Wow! Such amazing sights and some amazing deals you benefited from using your Lisboa card. Lisbon looks absolutely gorgeous and I love the Elevador de Justa.

    Thanks so much for sharing. A new place has now been added onto my ‘must travel to’ list.

    • The list never ends, isn’t it? I also love Elevador de Santa Justa, but it’s always packed with crowd due to limited number of people that can go up at a time.

  • Absolutely love your photography style – i think it replicates the feeling of the city. (form what i have heard, I havent been – yet….) XD Gorgeous views, excellent tips.

  • Chloe Gibson

    I love this post because Im always looking for viewpoints in a city! Never been to Lisbon before but it’s on my list. Beautiful photos too.