I’m taking creativity to the next level! Sharing here the video highlights of our honeymoon trip in Sydney last summer.
Shot and edited by yours truly. Enjoy! :)

Music by He is We and you can watch in HD!

PS. In case you’re wondering, #TeamGeLai is a mash-up of our names, Gerald and Melai, as husband and wife team. It was similar to the hashtag we used on our wedding day #loveteamGeLai. Sorry, sounds cheesy I know. ^^

  • Jhoana Liz Generoso

    You did it like a pro girl, very nice! I miss Aussie Land! We were there 2009 and stayed for a month.

    • Wow! That’s long! We were only there two weeks for our honeymoon. I want to come back too! :)

      • Jhoana Liz Generoso

        There’s so much to see in Australia. Gold Coast consumed our 3 weeks from Sunshine Coast to Surfers Paradise plus the theme parks. And 1 week in NSW. Your so braved to try the skydiving thing, I don’t think I can do it hahaha.

        • Ha! If only you knew, my heart beats like crazy that time! It was a nice experience, it isn’t scary at all when you’re already up there. Hmm I think I will have to write about it more. :)