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Crafting an itinerary is my favorite part of travel planning. I love researching for inspirations of beautiful places to go and exciting new things to experience. Then, arranging attractions together by location, coordinating transport and organizing a schedule to come up with a day to day plan. The whole activity is like an exercise to my creativity and makes me look forward to the actual trip.

I understand though that not everyone shares this same sentiment with me. It can be overwhelming! When I was preparing for our 50-day sabbatical trip in Europe, the planning process became too stressful, I didn’t even know where to start. Especially if you’re like me who plans and notes each and every detail just because I really like our trips personal. It’s hard enough to come up with things-to-do and arrange logistics in one destination. How much more when it involves multiple cities or like in our case, multiple countries.

sygic travel planner

Sygic Travel comes to the rescue. It’s a travel planning app that efficiently organizes your trips into a workable daily plan. All you need to do is add the places you want to visit and the app will show each one on a map while arranging them for the best possible route. Sygic Travel also shows general information about popular attractions like opening hours, admission rates and visitors’ average time of stay. No need to open another tab to google these details.

What I love the most is that the app also calculates the distance, transit time (walking, driving, or via public transit) in between sites and total hours spent, allowing you to judge easily if you have sufficient time to visit all in a day or if you should save it for another time. That’s right, Sygic Travel is intuitive enough to do that.

Let me show you how I planned our itinerary in Paris.

Start by clicking “Plan a new trip” and typing your destination.

sygic travel app

sygic travel app

For popular destinations, Sygic Travel will show you pre-made itineraries like below. If you’re traveling to a particular city for the first time, these itineraries are useful as it includes the highlights and must-visits. It helps you figure out your plan if you’re unsure of where to start. If not, you can skip this step and create your own plan from scratch.

sygic travel app

You will now be prompted to enter your travel dates, your hotel or place of stay, and port of entry. The last two are optional and I usually just skip them.

The accommodation search below generally applies to hotels and major lodging sites. Since we usually stay in Airbnb, I manually add them later on.

Click “Create Trip”.

sygic travel app
Tip: You can also book your accommodation from Sygic Travel which links to

You will be shown with different places of interest in your destination and their location on the map. When you select a particular place, information about it will be displayed on the left panel.

As mentioned earlier, this is very useful as it gives an overview of how a place looks like, admission hours, address, contacts, etc. without having to google it separately. This allows me to decide right on if it’s something I’d be interested to visit, or if it’s within our budget or time.

If you’ve decided on a place, just click the “+” sign to add it to your itinerary. Repeat the step multiple times to fill the day. If you’re traveling on multiple days, you can also add the places to a different date.

sygic travel app

Here’s an example of how a completed day itinerary looks like.

sygic travel app
With Sygic Travel, you can figure out the most efficient order to visit these places and see if it’s possible to do all on the same day.

I randomly added my places and Sygic Travel automatically arranged a route based on the distance between them. The left panel shows the order of the places, the distance and estimated time of walking between each.

With this information, you’ll have an idea how distant or close each attraction is. Case in point, the Eiffel Tower above is too far from the rest of the places I’ve added. I can then decide to keep or move it to another day. There’s also an overview of the entire day which states that my itinerary has a total of 8.6 km walk and visiting all these places will span a total of 12 hrs. Again, this gives you an idea of how much you’ve planned for the day. If you’re short on time, you can easily delete a place and revise your itinerary.

Sygic Travel is also highly customizable. If a certain attraction or place is not available, you can manually input each in the address tab below. The app will show you exactly where it is on the map. You can easily modify, reorder activities or move them to another day. Transit and total time per day are both automatically updated.

sygic travel app

sygic travel app
Your daily plan automatically starts and ends at your hotel. So convenient!
sygic travel app
You can drag and reorder the places.

I can’t say enough good things about Sygic Travel. There are just so many great features to love and it really provides an easy way to organize and plan trips. I also love the “Places” section as it allows me to browse through so many attractions and discover new ones. It gives me something to start with without having to google search what to see or do in a certain place.

When you’ve completed the itinerary, you can export, download, print or share it with your friends or co-travelers.

sygic travel app

sygic travel app
You can export or print your itinerary and it’s neatly formatted like this.

Sygic Travel both have a web and mobile app. Photos on this post were created and screenshot from the web app. But your itineraries will sync across your devices once you’ve downloaded the mobile app.


The app is available in both free and paid versions. The free version requires an internet connection to access the map and utilize its GPS function. The paid version allows you to download the map and use it offline on your actual trip. This is especially useful when you’re traveling overseas and have limited internet connection. The app’s GPS capabilities is an amazing addition to help you navigate to the destination you’re visiting. We’ve been personally using it every time we travel and life has never been easier.

Download Sygic Travel Planner from the App Store and Google Play. You can thank me later. :)

How do you plan your travel itineraries? Let me know in the comments!

I received a complimentary premium account in order to test the app. As always, all opinions are my own. Furthermore, only hotels, tours, and experiences that I absolutely love and recommend are shared in this space. ❤

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