A Dose of Pretty – Talloires, France

Another town that shares the beauty of the cleanest lake in Europe is Talloires, a charming summer resort in a picturesque setting. It’s about 10 kilometers from Annecy and is situated between the lake and mountains. Think of mountainous backdrop, medieval architecture, and a beach with dazzling views of the lake – sounds like a perfect retreat yeah?

We found out about Talloires while exploring Annecy. In a park near the lake, there’s a small ticket shop that offers several scheduled cruises. The boats or ferries leave Annecy, sail around the lake and back. We had extra time and thought it was a good idea to sightsee in another neighboring town. So we opted for the hop-on/hop-off ferry that stops in each village surrounding the lake and decided to alight in Talloires.

Here’s why.

talloires france
Cutest dock I ever did see, do you agree?

If this lovely boat dock hasn’t convinced you yet, let’s take a stroll right into the town.

talloires france

talloires france

talloires france

Walking around, I can’t help but fall in love with the effortless charm of the village. Fresh flowers adorn windows, doors, and balconies. Motor boats are beautifully aligned along the harbor. The crystal clear lake is glowing vibrantly under the rays of the sun as if inviting us for a dip. It was like a wonderful daydream made into reality.

talloires france

talloires france

talloires france

talloires france

After taking a ridiculous amount of photos, we headed deeper into the village and found a little café that’s a perfect spot for people watching. Across the café is a huge lawn, adjacent to the public beach where the sun lovers are basking in.

We ordered our snacks, enjoyed the scene and talked about how different this place is from where we grew up in. Our weekends are usually about finding new restaurants to eat, watching movies or strolling in the mall. Here, it’s more on picnics and family sports. Kids make friends and play games while adults delight in a good laugh. It was all heartwarming to watch.

talloires france

talloires france

talloires france

talloires france

talloires france

Before sundown, we headed back to the lakeside near the dock and took a few more photos.

talloires france

talloires france

talloires france

talloires france

talloires france

talloires france

We then waited for our ferry to return. And in a flash, we are back in Annecy again.

What do you think? Can you imagine calling this place home?

  • SylvanMist

    Wow what a ridiculously picturesque place! I’m bookmarking your post because I absolutely have to visit here one day when I go to France! This place looks like a scene out of a Thomas Kinkade painting…just beautiful!

    • That’s what i thought so too. Thomas Kinkade may have gotten his inpiration from places like Talloires.

      Thank you. <3

  • Maggie Alexander

    What a gorgeous place! I love all the flowers and greenery. How awesome it must have been to see all that in person.

    • That is what also sold me to this place! We don’t get a lot of full-on flower-decorated houses in the city. ❤

  • Ufuoma

    OOOOh! That looks amazing. The flowers are popping. Always great to see the different parts of France. So many hidden gems indeed. Thanks for sharing. Just crazy beautiful, these photos!

    travel | lifestyle | passion

    • So true, France is like a hidden fairy tale land. The small towns have their own uniqueness and character. :)

  • Wow, this looks so pretty. I love visiting lakes (Wolfgangsee in Austria is one of my all-time favourites and the place I’d buy my holiday home if I won the lottery) and I’d love to see this one too. Looks so relaxing.

    • I googled Wolfgangsee and you are right! I want to see that place IRL too! Nothing beats serene places surrounded by lake and mountains. :)

  • Sara MacIntosh

    These are gorgeous images! I will definitely have to put it on my list for when I go to France next :)

    • Hope you get to stop by South France when you visit Paris, Sara. :)

  • Taste of France

    Lovely. Is there anyplace in France that isn’t lovely, though?

    • I don’t think so! :))

      Been to several towns in France and they all just leave me wanting to see more! <3

  • Isadora Koller

    France has so many hidden cities that are beautiful yet we never hear about!! I love these dollhouses and the flores all over the town

    • You are right about that! We could not have known about Talloires if we didn’t explore beyond Annecy. :)

  • Lacey S. Dobo

    Oooooo wow this looks so picturesque and amazing! Really makes me want to go back to France to see some of the smaller gems! I’ve only been to Paris!

    • Yes! I hope you could venture outside Paris next time Lacey, there are a lot of pretty gems especially in the South. I wish to explore more, too! :)

  • Yolanda @ Inspire & Wander

    What amazingly beautiful scenery! Great photos. This is definitely a place I would love to visit.

    • I hope you get to go someday! :)

  • Maegan white

    Gosh! This town is SOO beautiful! My husband and I road tripped France over 3 weeks, last summer, but I wish we had known about this place!

    • Wow! A road trip in France sounds amazing! There’s so many pretty towns scattered all over France, I know you didn’t miss out even if you didn’t go Talloires. I love the idea, Maegan! We might try that someday. <3

  • thank you so much for those pretties, dear! France has always been a pretty home for slow living tourists :) <3 Maybe you could visit Edensor as well

    • I’m very much inclined to slow living places when I travel. Where I live right now is the exact opposite. :)

      Edensor looks so inviting, I have never been to england and I want to go. Are you living there?

      • I wish I lived there! I’ve been reading the book Titled Edensor by Andrea Hirata and searched for it. It was beautiful, really. Hope you got a chance to visit England soon.

  • Becky Angell

    Ah this looks beautiful, love all your photos. Whereabouts is this in France?

    • Hi Becky, it’s near Annecy, south of France. We took a boat ride to Talloires from Annecy. :)

      • Becky Angell

        Ah lovely thanks

  • Anna Schaeffer

    Beautiful, beautiful photos! What camera/lens do you use?

    • Thanks Anna! I’m using a mirrorless camera, Sony A6000. :)

      • Sony A6000!?? I use it too, my favourite camera! Pretty good for making scenes and photos of landscapes, don`t you think so?