To wrap up my Taiwan posts, here’s my second attempt to document our travels in this format (check the first one here)! It was a fun weekend of clean streets, friendly locals, great quality street food, lantern flying and the magical Sky Lantern Festival!

I figured that videos are really one of the coolest ways to lock memories in a time capsule. So here’s to hoping I can make more like this in the future. It won’t be as cinematic and professional (because I like it raw and real) but it’ll definitely get better with practice. ;)

Until then, enjoy!!

Music by Secret Nation

  • Mei

    Nakakamiss yung Meteor Garden, naalala ko tuloy dahil dun sa kumanta haha
    I also want to keep travel videos, so I started with our quick weekend getaway. It’s short, but I think it’s enough to be a keepsake. I also like it to be more real and raw, hopefully on my next videos. I am still not confident about showing up on screen and talking and stuf then watch myself later haha

    Ganda nung sky lantern! It’s the same on on Thailand nga :) So magical :)

    • Same here! That’s why I included it in the video, the song reminds me of my teens. Hehe. :)

      I’m also not that comfortable (yet) being on the screen (kaya cameo appearances lang) and I probably will NOT try vlogging. #awkward #introvert haha but there are moments lang talaga na worth more than a still photo. And for me, it feels more personal if your part of your video, di ung parang nanunuod ka lang ng travel promotion. Hehe! Just do it, Mei! It’s your memories anyway! (Uy, rhyming!) and if you don’t like how it turns out, you can choose to keep it offline. At least you’ve got something, right? :)

  • Jhoana Liz Generoso

    This is such an inspiration! Guess I need to push my creativeness to the next level hahaha got lots of travel videos, don’t know where to start and I don’t know if I have a talent in video editing.