Wedding Venue: The Mango Farm

I used to dream of a wedding in San Agustin Church and a reception in a hotel. I don’t know when my preference completely changed but now, we’re on to an outdoor wedding. Garden wedding specifically. As mentioned in another post about our Mood Board, we wanted a casual and relaxed celebration where our guests could easily enjoy themselves and not feel intimidated. And for me, garden wedding has that ability to make a wedding easy going, at the same time, intimate. :)

We initially scouted for a venue in Tagaytay – the nice view and cool weather was just irresistible. Ville Sommet, Splendido, Two Gardens, and Balai Indang are on top of our list. I can’t exactly remember, but it’s either they were already booked on our date or they have a tie-up caterer… which for us is non-negotiable! We’re sure that we want Passion Cooks to be part of our dream team! We also thought of our budget. Since Tagaytay is already outside Manila, most of our suppliers would require an out-of-town fee.

The only venue we found that would fit our style is Mango Farm, tucked within the quaint Kingsville Court Village in Antipolo City. Ge is from Fairview (north), I live in Cavite (south) and our wedding will be at Antipolo (east). Hahaha! I think that’s the best we’ve got for everyone to meet in the middle.

We haven’t seen Mango Farm when we decided to book it last year. We heavily based our decision on the lovely photos and positive reviews around the web. The location is actually popular, most wedding suppliers are familiar around the place and Dylan, the farm’s Operations Manager, is very accommodating and quick to reply.

The use of the 2.5 hectare farm is exclusive. We’re having an outdoor ceremony on the grounds of Mango Farm and the reception would be inside their air-conditioned Glass Pavilion. Having both the ceremony and reception in the same location is convenient for our guests and it’s also cheaper to have both of them in the same venue. Win-win!

The farm is big; there are actually different options where you can choose to hold the ceremony. The first one is Plan A, as in the above photo. It features a long line of trees that forms an aisle. I like this the best because it really feels rustic and looks so enchanting. The only problem is that, the grass or the soil is dry and brittle. That’s because it’s summer in the Philippines now, and it’s very hot. Hopefully, the grass will grow green again when ‘ber’ months come.

The Mango Farm, Antipolo City

Plan B is on concrete, shorter but wider. Most of the ceremony photos I see online were held here. You can arrange the ceremony stage between the two big trees perfectly. It’s a good choice too, if in case it rains, you won’t worry about walking on a puddle of mud.

The Mango Farm, Antipolo City

Just right beside the Glass Pavilion is Plan C. The mango trees in this area look younger and scattered. It’s also open and airy. I think this one’s better for an outdoor reception than ceremony.

Here are some setups at The Mango Farm.

The Mango Farm
Ceremony Setup at Plan A (photo grabbed from Vatel Manila)
The Mango Farm
Ceremony Setup at Plan B (photo taken by Jaja Samaniego)
The Mango Farm
Reception Setup at Plan C (photo taken by Passion Cooks)
The Mango Farm
Reception Setup inside the Pavilion (photo taken by Jaja Samaniego)

Isn’t it lovely? Nature is the most beautiful backdrop in the world. And with a garden wedding, we’re also taking advantage of the beautiful green grass, fresh air, and the natural goodness of the surroundings. I am excited!